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Pianogod's News

Posted by Pianogod - August 29th, 2011

Actually I have already started school a week ago, but I have been a little busy. Anyway I like 2 out of the 3 classes. I'm taking two music classes which is my favorite subject out of all the other subject. And then there is Biology which I'm not a fan of. So I'll just have to deal with it. Anyway, I think I know that I will be passing the two music classes with flying colors. But I will have to study harder.

Speaking of music, there is a reason why I haven't been doing anything other than favoriting (if that's even a word, I don't care) with music drawings. I'm trying to wrote my very first song. I don't know when I'll finish, but I'll tell that it's really harder than some people think, unless you're in a band, or have a unique talent or bought a song from a unpoplar record company and sing it very badly. Anyway, my music teacher and I have been working on it and hopefully will finish it by this year. And after I'm done, I will try to submit it on here for everyone to hear or figure out a way put it on the web.

Anyway, that's what going on with my life right now....oh yeah work is doing ok and it will only be working during the weekends since that's when it will be opening after Labor Day.

Can't wait to finish my song.

Posted by Pianogod - August 1st, 2011

That's right, happy birthday to me!!! Just want to mention it for those that care or want to know. I don't know what I will on my birthday, but I will make it as awesome as possible. I probably won't be on my computer until tonight after I'm done with my birthday, but don't mind people wishing me a happy birthday. Anyway, I will be celebrating my birthday, right now.

Posted by Pianogod - July 5th, 2011

Happy Independence day to those living in America! That's all I wanted to say before it ended. I had a great time, saw a parade and fireworks today. Can't wait to see next year.

Posted by Pianogod - December 25th, 2010

I just want to say Merry Christmas before it's too late for me. I have been really busy so I couldn't make my christmas song to put on here, so sorry for those that was looking forward to it. Maybe next year I will have a lot of time creating it.

Anyway, just wanted to say Merry Christmas and I'll post again on January 1st, 2011.

Posted by Pianogod - November 25th, 2010

For those the read this and live in America, Happy Thanksgiving!!! For those that live in a different country, hello.

I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving and if anyone cares I'm going to try and make a Christmas song just for fun, I don't care about the ratings from other people, even if I would be amazed that I got really high ratings. Anyway, I just want to make atleast one song, mostly a Christmas song, and submit it on here because it's also one of the things I put on my New Years Resolution. I know that I'm not like the most popular composer on here, but I don't care if I'm or not. I just want to make one song this year.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. And that I'll be working on the Christmas song and submit it on here before Christmas just in case some animator wants to use it for their Christmas flash, thought I don't think that's going to happen.

Posted by Pianogod - August 23rd, 2010

Yes today is my first day going back to college. Everything that was fun and relaxing has come to an end. I did have a great summer this year atleast then last year. I got to do some things even though they weren't related to here at all, but I still did things that I wanted to do except having to go to work which I'll still be doing after school...until after labor day when I'll only work on the weekends. Just because I'm going to be busy with college and work doesn't mean that I'll try to do some voice acting and trying to make music and put it on here for everyone to listen to, and watch some funny and popular flashes that will be coming here soon.

Anyway, I have to get ready and catch the bus. So I have to go and I won't be active until after work which might be around 9 at night in my time. Don't forget to pm me if you need someone to do voice acting or something else. I'll do another demo reel since I haven't done one for about more than a year and want to see if my voice has matured this year than last year now that I'm 21. Also I need to do some practicing on voice and other things. Well gotta go, bye.

Posted by Pianogod - June 7th, 2010

Yeah it's finally summer break for me, well actually it was on Friday but I was busy with work and other things I didn't have time to make a post. Anyway, I want to do some things here on Newgrounds mostly all of them are from my New Year's Resolution that I have mentioned before like being in a flash, making atleast one song, and other stuff. So those are what I will be doing this summer, hopefully work, and life won't be in the way as much since I'll be busy with that as well. I can't wait to see some awesome flashes and games on here since most awesome flashes and games are submitted during summer.

So if anyone needs a voice for flash, please pm me saying what you need for in the character and also the script for that character as well. I don't mind doing any voice for any character except a few, also I would love to be in a good flash, not ones like spam or really bad quality.

That's all I have to say, so please pm me or put it on the comment box underneath as well. Well I have to get going and watching some flashes and playing some games. Hope to hear from anyone.

Posted by Pianogod - February 14th, 2010

For those that are celebrating it with their loved ones, Happy Valentine's Day. For those that don't have a speical someone, Happy Single's Awareness Day. For those that don't celebrate Valentine's Day but have a love one, hello. As for me, I won't be doing much because I don't have a girlfriend anymore, so I'm celebrating Single's Awareness Day today.

After saying all that, I have completed some of my New Year's Resolution on Newgrounds. I have finally got to be in a flash as a voice actor, but only one line but still, and the flash that I was in is the Legend of Zelda: Seven Dark Sorcerers ep. 9 by Spikerman87, but you have to go to his site to watch this new episodes now because I guess he got mad that some of this flashes were being blammed and no one liked his flash. But here is the link (lol funny pun) to the flash episode, but I would recommend if you watch the first eight episode before watching this one if you are interested in the series. Well here is the link: Legend of Zelda: Seven Dark Sorcerers ep. 9

Also I have also finished making a sprite verison of myself, and not only did I finish that, but I also got a bonus of having it in an episode flash series called TTA Spin-off ep. 2. Here is the link to the flash on here, but I would again watch the first 3 seasons by Kirbopher and episode 1 of the spin-off if you are interested in it, before watching episode 2 of the Spin-off. So here is the link:TTA Spin-off ep. 2. I'm just part of the episode as a cameo but atleast my character is in the flash. I'll be making more for cameos in the spin-off as well. Also here is my sprite character that is in the flash for incase no one want to see the flash.

Well hopefully I can finish all of my New Year's Resolution, and I will keep updating if I finish one of them. I just need to make a song to put on here and still be in an actual flash as part of the main character which my friend, Taro326, is still working at it. Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day, or Single Awareness Day, and I'll keep updating on any of the Resolutions that I have completed.

Happy Valentine's Day, and finished some New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Pianogod - January 2nd, 2010

Wow, we sure did had an awesome year on here, and there was so many things that was going on that were awesome too like: The special days (Pico, Clock, and Madness), the Team of 3's games, some of the best flashes from the most popular flash artist, and of course the winner of the Best Flash of the year award, There She Is series!!! I really don't care what people say about that.

Anyway, I can't wait to see what's in stores for this year on Newgrounds, and I'm still looking forward to more of the games from the Teams of 3 contest. Also I'm looking forward to the this years annual Tank Awards and I hope that the people can vote on their favorite flash and games from different categories this time, so it will be fair for everyone.

Ok, that being said, now moving on to my New Years Resolution for just here. Here is a list of what I'm planning on achieving this year:

1. Being in a flash (hopefully my friend Taro326 has started working on the one that we have been making with some of our other friends)
2. Doing some voice acting for other flashes, mostly hoping for doing some sprites since they are my favorite ones because I love video games, and also maybe be in a Christmas flash (hopefully one that has the whole talking be in rhyme)
3. Do some audio submissions along with demo reels, now that I have a music studio maker on my computer and hopefully have one of my music be in a flash as well, also as soon as I know how to make good music, I will have a lot of submissions on here (this is one of the most important resolutions that I want to achieve so badly since I love music so much)
4. Do a sprite verison of myself, I have seen people do that on their flashes and I want to see what I would look like in Sprite verison (don't know which bit I would use) this is going to be the hardest one since I don't know how to do sprite animating, and I might just take a sprite character and customize it to make it look like me.....just for fun. I'm not going to use it for flash since I'm not good at that.

There are more......I just can't think of them right now, but hopefully by the end of this year, I will manage to achieve all of my New Year's resolution.

I hope we all will have a better year than the last.

Posted by Pianogod - December 25th, 2009

Wow I can't believe that Christmas has come this year. It seemed like it was still early December, stilling celebrating it. Also fuck Happy Holidays! I really hate that greeting. I think it's more better to celebrate all the holidays individually, because that way we can learn about different holidays on December and can be able to open to other peoples religion. And if anyone gets offended when you say Merry Christmas, just ask them why, and if they say that they celebrate a different holiday like Kwanzaa, or any different holiday then just say Happy whatever holiday they celebrate. It's not that hard to do, and then you might even want to learn about those holidays. Saying Happy Holidays is like mixing all the holidays into one huge word that no one can pronounce. Also if we did that for Christmas, we might as well say for every holiday like Easter, Valentine's Day, Rosh HaShanah, and many other holidays. So as I have said before, Merry Christmas! I already said Happy Hunakahh in my last post, and if you celebrate Kwanzaa, then Happy Kwanzaa. Since there are so many different holidays around this day for people in Asia, some too celebrate Christmas, I'm sorry but I will have to say, Happy.....whatever holiday you celebrate.

So now that I greet everyone's holiday and that made it, now no one won't be offended. I also don't care if people say that it's better to say Happy Holiday because it's short and easy to do. When they say that, I would think that those are the people who are getting their money from welfare instead of getting a job like the rest of the world. Also it's great to know that you care about other people's holiday if you say them individually instead of just saying Happy Holidays so that you can just go home or so you wouldn't "offend" anyone's culture or race.

Also I said Happy Birthday Jesus because I, of course, am Christian and that I love Jesus, our lord in savior also because he's an awesome, cool person to hang around with at parties. Most who are reading can propably tell that I go to church on the night of Christmas Eve. But I won't go into all the whole thing of celebrating our Lord and Savior. So I'll just say is, "Go Jesus, it's your birthday, we're going to party like it's your birthday".....I got from a rap song that most people will know but I just change the name. LOL. Anyway, Happy 2009th Birthday Jesus!

And also Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hunakahh, and Happy whatever holidays that are out there that I don't know about.