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I love this series, I know it's based off an audio series on Youtube and you're just making it into a video verison. It's still awesome and I can't wait to see the rest of this. Keep up the good work. I'm not really a brony or a fan of Doctor Who but I love this series for some weird reason. Keep it up!

Yeah it was great until Derpy had an anvil on her head and died but the body was still moving. That was horrible, I hate it now. I'm a Derpy fan and I don't find this funny at all. So no stars and you get a zero for this. Go fuck yourself and die in hell.

When did Luigi learn Chaos Control?

I know that he doesn't, it's just a joke, but what move is that, and what game is it orginated from? I would love to use that move on my enemies. What's it called? Also I love the April Fool's prank, and I can't wait to see the next episode of Super Mario Bros. Z. So please anyone tell me what that move is called in English, and what game used it.

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This is the best game on Newgrounds ever!!!

I hope you win game of the year award if they continue it. You deserve it. Also sorry that you didn't win the weekly award because of some stupid flash that got hacked and now removed from here. Basically saying, that I'm sorry that your weekly 1st place trophy was stolen from you by a no talented flash animator. Since it got blammed, you should get the trophy now. Tom Fulp should fix this so no one would be confused at all.

Anyway, I love this game better because of all the features that I can do and I can now save anytime I want to, and it looks more like an RPG kind of game with the walking around and buying new weapons and items, and of course fighting and destroying monsters with awesome special moves. You have made alot of improvement on this game. I hope you win Game of the Year Award for this game, and I can't wait to see more games or animations from you. Well I got to go and finish beating this game. You have done an awesome job, keep up the awesome work. Best game ever made on here!

I love everything about this game.....

except that I don't have a Twitter and I don't want an account on there. Which will suck for unlocking all the medals for me because I have to Twitter from the game which I won't. I think next time, you should think when making medals that it should be equal for everyone. Anyway, I love the first game and this game as well. You have done an awesome job on this. Keep up the awesome work. And remember to think before making medals for your next game....if you're going to make a trilogy out of it.

It's an awesome game, just one problem....

I hate Naruto so much. I wanted to be someone else but this is a beta. When will the fully completed verison will be coming out? I want to play this once it's fully finish, so please tell me when it's finish. You have done an awesome job on this so far, though I don't like Naruto. Keep up the awesome work.

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I don't know where you got that effects but I want to know about this effect and maybe some more. You have done an awesome job on the speech you have made too. Nice going. You will be in a lot of flashes soon with that kind of voice and some of those effects. I can't wait to hear your voice on some flashes.

Wow that's amazing

I have to say, you are an amazing voice actor, you're perfect for anything that's Japanese animation, or flash. I just want to know how to make the voices sound more professional, and not sound like you were recording it on the computer or video camera, since I'm trying to make a demo reel, and I thought of asking someone who is an expert on it, which is you. I don't know if I need a certain program, or what I need to do on a program to make it more like my actual voice. Anyways, you're a professional of doing voice acting, and really talented too.

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It is really true

Tails is the best sidekick, not compared to Luigi, but to every game that has a sidekick in it. But I don't get the whole Pot & Kettle thing. Can someone explain that to me? But all in all, you did an awesome job on this artwork. Keep up the awesome job.

This is amazing!

You must have worked on this for a long time. I love everything about it, the color, the structure, the shadowing, the details.....everything. You are an amazing artist. I can't wait to see more of your pictures.

FlipWillie responds:

Ha, Thanks!

It took about a week. It was my last week of Christmas break, and I desperately wanted to get something done before I went back to school. This was the result. I wish I was still able to finish it. It would have been cool to add pedals, a stool, etc.

In max, the piano registered that it had somewhere around 100,000 vertices. (I think.)

Anyway, thanks for the nice words!

Music, my passion, my dream, my career, my weapon, my love, my life. It is a beautiful, and an epic thing that I can reach success, and beyond.

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