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Entry #24

Back in school

2011-08-29 18:45:54 by Pianogod

Actually I have already started school a week ago, but I have been a little busy. Anyway I like 2 out of the 3 classes. I'm taking two music classes which is my favorite subject out of all the other subject. And then there is Biology which I'm not a fan of. So I'll just have to deal with it. Anyway, I think I know that I will be passing the two music classes with flying colors. But I will have to study harder.

Speaking of music, there is a reason why I haven't been doing anything other than favoriting (if that's even a word, I don't care) with music drawings. I'm trying to wrote my very first song. I don't know when I'll finish, but I'll tell that it's really harder than some people think, unless you're in a band, or have a unique talent or bought a song from a unpoplar record company and sing it very badly. Anyway, my music teacher and I have been working on it and hopefully will finish it by this year. And after I'm done, I will try to submit it on here for everyone to hear or figure out a way put it on the web.

Anyway, that's what going on with my life right now....oh yeah work is doing ok and it will only be working during the weekends since that's when it will be opening after Labor Day.

Can't wait to finish my song.


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